Genentech is committed to helping you access
the medicine you have been prescribed

If you have been prescribed Valcyte and have questions about insurance and accessing
your medication, Genentech offers programs and services that can help eligible patients
connect to branded Valcyte.*

Valcyte® Co-pay Card

If you have commercial insurance and are
eligible, the Valcyte® Co-pay Card may help
you with the out-of-pocket costs of Valcyte
prescriptions and refills.

Learn more about the
Valcyte® Co-pay Card
Genentech Transplant Access Services logo

Genentech® Transplant Access Services (GTAS)
is a resource for people who take Valcyte. We
have options to help you access the Valcyte
you have been prescribed, regardless of your
ability to pay.

Visit the GTAS site

Genentech® Access to Care
Foundation (GATCF)

GATCF helps people who have health
insurance and those who don't. If you
qualify for GATCF, you could receive
Valcyte free of charge.

Visit the GATCF site