Preserve your branded choice:

Indicate “Dispense as Written” (DAW) on your Valcyte prescription or through your e-prescribing tool

Each state has its own laws to govern generic substitution by a pharmacist. It is important to follow
guidelines for the state in which the prescription is filled, which may not be the state in which the
prescription is written.

If you are e-prescribing branded Valcyte and would like to preserve your branded choice, select branded Valcyte from the medications list, not valganciclovir, and then take appropriate action in the
e-prescribing system to avoid generic substitution.

  • Provide a written prescription for your patients' records and indicate “Dispense as Written,” according to your state's guidelines.
  • If branded Valcyte is not an option in the medications
    list, consider contacting your local administrator to update the system to include Valcyte.

If you decide to prescribe branded Valcyte for your patients—
Indicate “Dispense as Written” according to your state's DAW laws

State-by-State DAW Laws

Laws governing generic substitution vary by state

Each state has specific guidelines on how to write a prescription to preserve your choice of branded Valcyte.
This information was last updated January 8, 2016. Please review your local laws for any changes in requirements.

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